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Gary Pratt Is "Country To The Bone" On His Latest Album Release "Something Worth Remembering"

From the opening bar of leading track, You Gotta Jump In, the latest offering from veteran Country Rocker

Gary Pratt, proves to be a hard-hitting, explosive Nashville jab with a Los Angeles edge. Something Worth

Remembering is an eleven track release rich with killer guitar riffs, full-spectrum percussion and an

underlying bass tone which propels each Country lyric forward into one ear-catching hook after another.

Til’ Your Boots Are Dirty opens with an ascending rhythmic pattern leading up to a superlative harmony

with the fiddle. Coupled with that crisp snare snap, and the listener is immediately on their feet dancing.

First single A Song You Can Drink Beer To, is a radio-friendly lean to the nostalgic. Integrating modern

harmonic structures utilizing a repeating melody as the lead over a traditional Country approach, this track

exemplifies the professionalism, and maturity of this artist. Title-track Something Worth Remembering

channels some Tom Pettyesque melodies. Combined with Gary Pratt’s signature vigorous vocal presence

this track encapsulates the albums theme of togetherness, hope and spiritual fulfillment. “The only thing

I know, is that our days will come and go. So let’s do our best to somewhere in between, and there’s

Something Worth Remembering.”

Although, analyzing each song is not in the scope of this review, it is worth noting the surprise gem on this

album, County To The Bone. This country rocker gets the head nodding from the onset. The explosive

dynamics punch each beat into the listener’s guts and proves Gary Pratt belongs among the stadium

superstars in this genre. The production on Something Worth Remembering is nothing short of

meticulous, as each frequency is well-placed within its dynamic range and blended together to give the

sound-space a full, vibrant tone. The overall energy of this offering is maintained throughout the album

which makes it feel complete, instead of individually inspired tracks, leading to a full-listening experience.

This is an album which will be played over and over again as each track opens up a new possibility of the

hybrid nature of Country with fervor.


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