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Hopefully Kel Adore Will Be Happy Again

"Happy Again" Cover

Kel Adore’s new track “Happy Again” is all about an unhealthy relationship barreling toward its ending. Two lovers, one unfaithful, and the other unable to let go. After the first time, it should be over, but Kel wants to be happy with this person again. The push and pull in the relationship being depicted in the song's lyrics mirror the song's sound as well. Plucky guitars and easy-going rhythms accompany Kel as she recounts two lovers happily involved until the chorus comes. The song swells with Kel soulfully delivering the pre-chorus where she learns of her partner’s infidelity. It all comes crashing back down in the chorus with danceable rhythms and Kel musing about the ability to make this relationship work once again. This structure follows through the whole song. The energy ebbs and flows as Kel navigates us through this relationship. It seems, by the second chorus, Kel has accepted that the relationship is over and now she is attempting to be happy again on her own. She recontextualizes the lyrics and emotions present in skilled songwriting.

"This song is packed with contradictory emotions, which to me really captures the essence of grief," says Adore. "When we are grieving, we experience so many emotions that contradict each other all at once. I love how this song is both hopeful and fun yet angry and devastating. That is life sometimes.”

Kel delivers a song about grieving, but also a song about being conflicted which makes this unlike any other pop break-up song on the airwaves. Being obsessed with lyrics and telling a story really makes the listener intently experience this song. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely still a track that is endlessly listenable. You may be getting emotional at one point in the song, then immediately forget it when the chorus comes in and you jump to your feet. “Happy Again” is Kel Adore’s second single but she already sounds like a seasoned veteran, weaving together a sonic template that’s lush and poppy while perfectly complimenting her voice and songwriting.

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