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Mystery And Seduction Are Right Around The Corner At “Playa del Amor”

Travel to the tropical, seductive island of “Playa del Amor” in Nate DiRuzza’s newest single. With Spanish influences, the soft rock song transports the listener to a steamy night on the beach, alcohol flowing and you catch the eye of a stranger, leading to a night of mysterious fun.

“The vibe of ‘Playa del Amor’ is tropical rock that has a Latin feel to it. I wanted the audience to dive into their imagination with this song. When they listen, they should feel like they’re in Cabo, or on a beach where a person (who is intoxicating to look at) is giving them a brand new feeling they haven’t felt before,” DiRuzza explains. “This song is very metaphorical. You will lose yourself to all of this new beauty and experience you haven’t seen before.”

His goal was achieved, with the perfect amount of international influences, fans will instantly feel as if they are living this story alongside DiRuzza. In lieu of pop sounding keys and drum loops, DiRuzza decided to use real instruments to create the desired soft rock sound.

“Playa del Amor” is OUT NOW on all streaming platforms. Make sure to check out Nate DiRuzza on social media @natediruzza and visit for more information!


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