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REVIEW: Stephanie Quayle - "Sugar High"

By: Matt Burrill Debuting on CMT with 5,000 streams in only its opening 24 hours, “Sugar High” has been a hit with country fans!

stephanie quayle sugar high

Montana native turned Southern Belle, Stephanie Quayle looks stunning in this video portraying her thoughts on a perfect night in the country with someone you love. Singing the lyrics “Breath away from Heaven” and “I wish we could lie here forever, with your lips this close to mine”, Stephanie’s hit has all the elements of a contemporary country love song.

Throughout the video Stephanie wanders first through her country home, then out to the pasture, moving in nearly perfect sync with the soft, “lovey” feel of the song. Add in the catchy rhythm of the band with Stephanie’s gentle, yet powerful vocals, and it’s no wonder why many have fallen in love with “Sugar High!”

The most magical moment of the video comes when Stephanie meets a curious herd of horses, mules and donkeys. Despite looking completely staged, this magical encounter was everything but; according to sources close to the production team, the crew worked tirelessly to try and keep the herd out of the shot, to no avail. As the night quickly approached, the team decided to let nature take its course, a decision they surely have not regretted.

The scene showcases Stephanie’s true country girl personality and connection with nature and equine, something any country lover can appreciate.

“Sugar High” is a spectacular country music video for what may just be country’s next hit love song!

For the latest Stephanie Quayle news and updates check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

Image via Facebook/Philip Macias

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