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REVIEW: Power duo The Roys impress with "The View"

By: Stephen Brown

Award-winning brother and sister duo, Elaine and Lee Roy, are back with their latest album, The View. Known for their blend of traditional bluegrass style and dynamic performances, The Roys’ fourth album showcases all the traits that made this family pair a staple in any bluegrass collection.

the roys the view review

The Roys have been performers from a young age, and with both stage presence and an incredible talent as musicians, they made their mark effectively within the bluegrass community. Citing their grandmother’s influence at an early age, The Roys have kept it a family affair, never straying far from the tradition of bluegrass that always rings true in their music.

The View is a strong album, to put it directly. The Roys have managed to put together a nuanced collection of songs, each stronger than the last. With toe-tapping tunes like “No More Tears” and “Live the Life You Love,” The View sends a powerful message of not letting life bog you down, and when in doubt, throwing caution to the wind and moving on. In contrast, “Sometimes,” “Heaven Needed Her More” and the album’s title track, “The View,” take on heavier topics like Alzheimer’s and sudden loss, always keeping their eyes on the silver lining in even the toughest moments of life.

The album’s most powerful track is “Northern Lights,” a two and a half minute song with pure bluegrass instrumentals. The Roys show off all their musical talent with a foot-stomping song perfect for driving through the country.

The View is a strong step for The Roys, taking bluegrass and viewing it from a nuanced and emotional lens. We anticipate much more is still to come from Lee and Elaine Roy, who are expected to perform on the Bluegrass Cruise in January 2015, and we can’t wait to see what comes next from the talented duo.

Check out their Facebook and Twitter for updates on this powerful pair!

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