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[REVIEW] - Russell Dickerson's Killer Debut Album

On Friday (October 13th), rising country star, Russell Dickerson, released his first major-label studio album, “Yours”. His hit single of the same title was recently RIAA certified Gold, and was named “best wedding song of 2016” by multiple platforms. This song was a major breaking point for Russell, who has been working on his music for many years. Dickerson’s new album is nothing short of amazing. He showcases many styles including pop, country, rock, alternative, and even doo-wop. It is safe to say that this album has a little bit of everything for a wide range of listeners.

The first track of the album, “Every Little Thing” is a happy, uptempo, danceable song about loving everything about someone. After hearing it only once, you will be singing along! Filled with cheery whistles and syncopated rhythms for the perfect breezy masterpiece. Russells impressive songwriting style is showcased throughout the album - specifically on “Billions” and “MGNO”.

The song “Billions” is a reggae -themed, catchy and humorous piece about comparing the love in a relationship to a certain amount of money. Russell sings, “If kisses were cash, we’d never stop making it rain / if lovin’ was money, we’d make it all the way to the bank ...girl if lovin’ was dollars you know we’d be ballers / rankin’ it in by the billions.” As a play on the traditional “GNO” (girls night out) theme, Russell puts a new take on it by describing what it is like to take HIS girl out on the town. This is the most uptempo, fun, feel-good song on the album. It is as catchy as it is lyrically clever. Dickerson croons, “gonna take you downtown, and we’re gonna go all out….gonna spin you right around...cause tonight is my girl’s night out”.

Two of our favorite songs on the album are extremely romantic and fun songs, “Would You Love Me” and “twentysomething”. “Would You Love Me” is a precious, so-cute-it’s-almost-corny , humorous piece filled with scenarios such as “would you love me / if I didn’t have a six pack and I was a really bad kisser,” and eventually leading to a chorus that describes Dickerson’s unconditional and unwavering commitment to his significant other. The lyrics say it best, “Imma love you ‘til the sun burns out / love you ‘til my heart breaks down / listen baby ain’t no doubt that / Imma love you til we’re old and gray / love you ‘til we’re runnin’ out of days / hear me baby when I say that / Imma love you, would you love me?”

“Twentysomething”, is a nostalgic , march - like anthem with lyrics that are to die for. “You, me, twenty somethin’ / we got a little one comin’/ try to raise ‘em up good and...before we know it / they’ll be twenty somethin’ same wide eyes that we had…” and a soaring chorus saying “We might be crazy, but ain’t that the dream”.

Russell’s voice is simply swoon worthy. If you haven’t been captivated already, listen to the song “You Look Like a Love Song” - a Frank Sinatra styled ballad with jazz and classical influences that bring out Russell’s unique and versatile sound. His vocal fluctuations and buttery tone make for the perfect romance song. After a jazzy intro, the song swoops into a doo-wop themed , trumpet accented masterpiece.

Both “Float” and “Low Key” are very ...well...low key and relaxing songs. “Float”, a beachy, Jake Owen - like tune, features lyrics such as, “we gonna float / like that ice cube melting right here in my jack and coke / like a bobber on the water gonna ride this day real slow…”. Likewise, another relaxed song, “Low key” is filled with swirling, sultry guitar and talks about a lover who is willing to either “take a plane and rush out the door” or keep it chill , depending on what his lady wants. “Whatcha think about bein’ homebodies / just a box of wine and you and me - we can keep it low key”.

Overall, we are extremely impressed with Russell’s new album. Listen for yourself and let us know your thoughts!

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