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Payton Howie Highlights Our “Freedom”

Payton Howie lights a spark of appreciation for the simple things with her new single “Freedom.” She outlines the simplest activities that some may take for granted, such as driving on dirt roads with no specific destination in mind. She acknowledges how something as simple as a Friday night high school football game can be chalked up to American ideals and the genuine way we live. Howie knows these occurrences are only possible due to the freedom provided by the sacrifice made by military members. Stamping the first verse with imaginative scenes of a small-town, Howie relates her own experiences to middle America. The song is guided to perfection with her inspiring vocals and intoxicating steel guitar, blending together to deliver a feeling of resonating hope.

“I’m thankful for colors that don’t run, I’m proud of where I’m from,” Howie belts proudly, not looking to back down from supporting where she comes from. She unapologetically respects the troops, no matter what people may think. As an avid supporter of the military, Howie will be part of the 2023 USO Tour, which teams up with entertainers to help boost morale among military members. Howie’s proud of the country she’s from, and she’s here to make it known with her latest single “Freedom.”

To connect with Payton, follow her on social media @paytonhowiemusic and visit her website at!

Listen to “Freedom” on Spotify!


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