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The Alternative Indie Duo, The Impliers, Give Us Their New Textured Single “Bad Bad Man”

The Denver-based psychedelic alternative indie rock duo, The Impliers, are multi-instrumentalists Dan and Charles. Their unique songwriting and production style riding a sound wave crafted from oddly-tuned guitars, textured synths, electronic beats, pumping bass and complex Beach Boys level vocal harmonies.

They just released their new single, “Bad Bad Man,” from their upcoming album, Cocoon, which is ripe with a heavy and catchy electric guitar melody, much like that of Neon Trees meets Depeche Mode meets David Bowie. The song contains, and represents, their signature musical elements, electronic beats, synths, wildly tuned guitars, rich layers of vocal harmonies and introspective, vulnerable ruminating lyrics and shows how production duo Charles and Dan are able to challenge and compliment one another's styles through a song that tends to morph in a never-ending fashion while holding itself together. “Bad Bad Man” is musically textured and pleasant to the ear in every way possible.

"Bad Bad Man" connects with people deeply for a variety of personal reasons, as we all know, have been impacted by, or even are a "Bad Bad Man". This song creates a liberating outlet for the listener. The juxtaposition of the upbeat and catchy synth rock sounds and vibes with the darker theme of retribution really goes to show what The Impliers can do.

Listen here:

Dan and Charles pull the deepest-possible expression from each other and turn them into musical ruminations that somehow evoke both deep levels of emotive contemplation and the urge to dance. They inspire each other and work in tandem to create music that makes the listener dive deep into the depth of ourselves and those around us.

Find The Impliers via: Website // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // TikTok // Soundcloud


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