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Rascal Flatts Live Up to Country Image

"You know what? Summertime for me, it's all about golf," Rascal Flatts guitarist Joe Don Rooney said in a recent interview. Now, that hardly fits the image of country music these days. There are no tailgates down, no KC lights, no dirt roads, very few river banks or bottles of 'shine being passed around on a golf course. I'm also pretty sure there is a "no cut-offs and bikini tops" policy at most of the places Rooney plays. But the band's Gary LeVox more than makes up for Rooney's rural shortcomings. "I'll be on my farm planting food plots for the upcoming deer season," LeVox said of his summertime recreational activities. "So I'll be out there working the dirt and taking soil samples and getting ready to plant beans and corn and clover." Planting food plots like that help supplement the natural forage for the deer, so the habitat is better for them. (It makes it better for hunting, too.) Jay DeMarcus' summer plans include more R&R than you might get on a golf course or on a farm. "You'll find me by my pool, grilling burgers and dogs and swimming with my kids and my wife," he said. In addition to golfing, hunting and swimming, Rascal Flatts will be touring, touring and touring. They'll also be promoting their new rocker "Payback," a song about helping a girl get her sway back and get over the man who did her wrong.

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