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Luke Bryan's Beachside Escape: Superstar Revels in Spring Break Moments but Cherishes Beach-Bumming

If anyone deserves some beachside R&R this summer, it's Luke Bryan. How he'll find the time to do that is another story. With his That's My Kind of Night tour rolling across America at full steam, the idea of a family vacation seems impossible. But he does all he can to squeeze in quality time on his favorite shore. While perusing the magazine aisle at the grocery store -- my form of vacation this year -- I stumbled upon a copy of Beaches, Resorts & Parks magazine. Lo and behold, guess who was on the cover? Inside the magazine was a delightfully expansive article profiling his musical journey, how Panama City, Fla., helped shaped that journey and how the sandy beaches of Northwest Florida continue to make more memories for Bryan and his wife Caroline and sons Bo and Tatum. According to the article, Bryan and his brood can frequently be seen out and about enjoying the gorgeous beaches of the Florida panhandle and places like the Acme Ice House or the Red Bar. Word on the street (and in the article) is that Bryan is feeling so at home on the Emerald Coast, he might be contemplating having a home away from home there. But who can say for sure? One thing is for certain, though. The beaches provide such wonderful childhood and college memories for the singer that his annual spring break concert in Panama City has turned into a reunion with his childhood friends. Even his mother and other family members often come down for a visit. He isn't the only country star who frequents the area. I recall visiting the Seacrest Sundries store at Seacrest Beach and seeing the signatures of Kellie Pickler and Lady Antebellum on the "wall of fame." But if Bryan is planning to leave his mark on the panhandle again, it may be a while before he gets the chance. His tour is slated to run through October, but it's always a good time to visit the sand and surf. Here's hoping he gets to spend some time this year at one of his favorite hideaways.

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