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I Would Hate To Be That Jake Owen Imposter Right Now

You’ve probably received friend requests from them. They may have sent you some strange messages asking you for money or other weird things. Sometimes it feels like you can’t escape from them, and there’s no hope in sight. I’m talking, of course, about fake Facebook accounts. If it makes you feel any better, even celebrities can’t escape the trouble caused by these little pests. Jake Owen’s fans have recently been getting terrorized by a fake account claiming to be the country superstar, messaging many of his female fans.

The real Jake Owen caught wind of this imposter from his fans, and he is PISSED. Unfortunately for Fake Owen--the name some people are referring to him as--some of the female fans he was messaging sent the phone number being used over to the real Jake Owen. The singer uploaded a video on Wednesday, April 20th, of him calling this number and leaving a very angry and hilarious message! After leaving the voicemail, Jake Owen received a text message from Fake Owen that HE is the real Jake Owen. Just wait, it gets better; Fake Owen then proceeded to ask Jake Owen to not distribute the phone number to anybody!

Luckily for us, the real Jake Owen isn’t a very good listener! If you’d like to get in touch with Fake Owen, you can call him at (415) 691-8521. Let us know if he picks up!

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