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Careful Not to Burn Your Tongue Singing MERLIN's Single "Recipe"

Like honey and hot chicken, sweet and spicy, makes for a tasty mix in MERLIN’s single, “Recipe”. The techno pop song never lets go of excitement, evoking the feeling of sitting in a sauna, heat pulsing, in a romance that burns at the touch. In MERLIN’s words, this romance “better get it right” and keep “feeding the fire”. A woman who knows what she needs won’t settle for an uninspiring recipe to satisfy her craving.

“I think this track is crucial to my growth as an artist and as a woman.” confesses MERLIN. “Artists like Lil' Kim, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and so many more have shaped and constantly challenge the status quo in a male-dominated industry. They embody an unapologetic and authentic version of themselves and use their craft to expand on their identities. That was my goal.”

MERLIN takes her bold, confident voice and mixes it with lyrics full of fiery sass to create an unforgettable song that will feed anyone’s appetite for an empowering tune. Listener’s better get hungry for heat, because MERLIN’s “Recipe” is sure to satisfy. Sugar melts on the tongue, but spice lingers, a striking feeling that will be remembered long after the first listen.

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