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miQa.El - Walking Medicine

When country music artist Hicks, Miqael Persson decided to rebrand himself to embrace a more grounded, honest and fulfilled lifestyle we now have miQa.El and his debut single under the new moniker; Walking Medicine. As a fitness guru, miQa.El has embraced the mantra of medicine and fulfillment with a healthy lifestyle, and meditative practices. Throughout Walking Medicine, we are constantly reminded of the power to “just breathe” and to find happiness in the small things. By embracing the natural elements of the earth we can stay grounded and achieve a more sincere connection with the life forces around us, this becomes the essence of Walking Medicine. Accompanied by a performance video, Walking Medicine features miQa.El on a hilltop singing, and dancing, to the world with a constant and vigilant smile on his face. This happiness became pretty infectious as I watched this, the true guru power of happiness seemed to emanate from my computer monitor and filled me with a warmth I didn't even feel I was lacking. The power of this positive energy is present throughout miQa.El’s performance and listeners should be cognisant of the overall message being delivered here as this happiness is truly infectious. Of course, Walking Medicine isn't a Country song by Hick's previous standards, yet a folk song that borders on the gospel. The meditative relaxing nature coupled with the upbeat tempo makes this track a genre all its own.

From a performance perspective, miQa.El delivers a truly magnificent presentation, he's got moves, from his fitness background, and he has the charisma to pull audiences into his message. From a production standpoint, Walking Medicine is very well executed. The lyrics play out clearly over the main melodies, while the acoustic guitar chords are able to carry forth crisp and clear. The main groove, although quite simple, is highly effective as the rhythmic pulse of Walking Medicine is allowed to move forward with deliberate ease, giving listeners a solid beat to dance along to. Walking Medicine is a perfect addition to any reflective, meditation playlist. It could also serve well on Adult Contemporary, Middle-Of-The-Road, Country, or Soft Rock commercial radio playlists as the infectious hooks grab the listener’s attention and hold it for the duration of the track. Without modulating the main song structure very much, this track maintains a constant rhythm base for large group settings to embrace the energy in which miQa.El is manifesting. I found Walking Medicine a very enjoyable track and look forward to hearing more from this talented Swedish Country/Meditative artist.


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