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Turn the Volume Up on Chris Pastore’s Much Awaited Album, Turn the Music Up Loud

Turn the Music Up Loud gives us the kick we need in our day. Its unpredictable nature is what keeps us listening and coming back for more.

For Chris Pastore, music is a constant, a daily routine, interactions, daydreams, struggles and jubilation, love, fate and sometimes just a good hook and a solid groove. He’s been writing and performing for 25 years, hitting the ground running right after graduating college touring with the group Fat Apple. He’s met some great musicians along the way, most of which have become his close friends. Now, it’s his turn. After over a decade since he’s released his own music, Chris is ready to take the creative wheel, now with his most talented musical friends backing him up

Turn the Music Up Loud is the much awaited 12 song album that breaks the rules of genre. While his sound and style is mostly acoustic country, he isn’t afraid to explore the bounds of those sounds. His style is reminiscent of Tedeschi and Trucks Band meets The Beatles with a hint of jazz and funk rolled into songs like “Give a Little Bit” and “The Way We Met.” You can’t really help but want to hear what he’s going to do next. “Yearbook Quotes” gives us the pop-like country vibe while “It All Makes Sense” gives off a more instrumentally intentional vibe. You don’t know what you’re going to get with the album. Each song is different in sound, but similar in meaning, that love is really the only way to go, no matter our differences.

Listen to Turn the Music Up Loud here:

You can find Chris Pastore via: Website // Instagram // Facebook // YouTube // Spotify // Soundcloud // Apple Music


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