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Crankin' It with Shari Rowe

This week, Crank It Country caught up with Lamon Record's artist, "Shari Rowe". For someone this gorgeous that can write, sing, and put on a live show... Shari is as down to earth as they come!

(Crank It) What was your inspiration for the style of music that you play?

(Shari) My dad loved the old standards, and I can remember him playing them on long drives when I was very young. Growing up in Arizona, we did a lot of camping and fishing, and I spent many weekends horseback riding. Family gatherings were usually outside, and ended with a campfire, which of course led to singing! Country music has always been the soundtrack to my best memories.

(Crank It) What do you love about country music?

(Shari) Most country music directly reflects everyday country life, which for me, means love, family, faith, the outdoors, and remembering to take time to have fun! Country songs have the ability to connect with the heart, and remind us of the simple things.

(Crank It) What has been your favorite live performance, so far?

(Shari) That's a tough question to answer! I'm pretty sentimental, haha, so I have many favorite "moments" from different shows. Sometimes it's because the crowd is big, and everyone's "all-in" and having a great time, or maybe it's because I know that the event is for a great cause and is helping someone, or it could be that I was able to connect with one particular person, and hear their story. Just this last weekend at a show, a girl was crying while I sang "Silly Boy". I was able to meet her after the show, and told me how she and her husband were going to be renewing their wedding vows, and that the song meant so much to her when I sang it. Playing shows in Poland last year was definitely a highlight, but it's very hard to narrow down a favorite.

(Crank It) Which country artist you would be starstruck by?

(Shari) If I could go back in time, it'd be Johnny Cash! Meeting Keith Urban or Miranda Lambert would be so amazing, but I tend to get more starstruck meeting songwriters. I'm a big Natalie Hemby fan, and I was able to meet her last year. Meeting Liz Rose was pretty great, too.

(Crank It) When you're alone, which of your songs do you CRANK UP and sing along to?

(Shari) I usually only listen to my own music during the first few weeks after the final mixes are done. I'm always so amazed at the life songs take on, and how they grow from the moment you start writing them to hearing them fully produced. I have to say, though, that this time around, I've listened to "Family Gathering" more than others. That song means a lot to me. I don't sing along, though. Sometimes it's nice to just listen.

If you haven't heard her recent EP release, "Moonshine", check it out & download HERE !

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