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Keith Urban's "Break On Me"

Keith Urban has a long lasting reputation of melting women's hearts, and he does not fall short of that reputation, with his new single, “Break On Me.” This smooth, ambient ballad tugs at the emotions, and allows the listener to feel that much safer and more vulnerable with whomever they may be listening with. Urban uses his musical expertise to craft a beautiful message to anyone who’s going through a rough patch in their life.

It is no secret that Urban is a fan of experimenting with instruments in his songs, so when I heard the bass lead at the beginning, I knew who I was listening to. Urban and co-producer Nathan Chapman use a variety of sounds to create a pretty, ambient environment, that really immerses you in the song itself.

Lyrically, “Break On Me” is what everyone needs to hear when things are at their worst. This song is all about support; lyrics like “Shatter like glass, come apart in my hands,” and “Put your head on my chest, let me help you forget,” help the listener to feel more comfortable and safe with those they trust. “Break On Me” is a great song to ease a loved one’s pain, or even to listen to for some rest and relaxation.

You can watch the lyric video for “Break On Me” on YouTube, HERE.

If you enjoyed the song, you can purchase it on iTunes, HERE.


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