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If I’m Honest About Blake Shelton’s New Album Art…

If I’m honest, it’s been a pretty bad year for Blake Shelton. In the past 12 months he’s gone through a divorce with fellow country singer Miranda Lambert, been put on blast for his new relationship with Gwen Stefani, and is about to enter into a lawsuit with In Touch Weekly over a false claim that he was in rehab with a drinking problem. The guy has seen his fair share of bad days. It hasn’t been ALL bad, though; The Voice is still going strong, and his newest single, “Came Here To Forget” has millions of plays on Youtube and Spotify. Blake recently released the artwork for his upcoming album, “If I’m Honest,” and if I’M honest, we should talk about this.

If I’m honest, it’s pretty weird. In case you didn’t catch it when you first saw the picture with this article, it’s a really well done high-definition shot of Blake’s face, with hints of blue through the album title. In order to get a good handle on what I thought was weird about the photo, I did what any other writer would do: I viewed it from every angle and distance, while my coworkers wondered if I’d lost my marbles. I couldn’t tell if the words became harder to read or not as I got closer to the picture or farther away. If you look at it from the sides, you no longer see blue and barely see the words. I asked my female coworkers about it, and that’s when it hit me. By spending so much time focusing on the weird font and color choice, I totally missed that the focus wasn’t supposed to be on them at all; it was the good looking guy behind them! Well played Blake Shelton, well played.

If I’m honest, I still think Blake is an awesome guy with some great country jams. He is one of the hardest working guys out there, and if there’s this much creativity and effort going into the new album, you can bet that I’ll be crankin’ it up on my speakers May 20th, 2016.

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