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Jam Out to New Single by Maren Morris - "80's Mercedes"

Catchy, musically intelligent, and relatable to multiple generations. What more could a listener ask for in a song? “80s Mercedes”, Maren Morris’ Sophomore single, was released in June 2016, and hit the charts shortly after. The song entered the radio at No. 53, and has now hit the top 25 in airplay. The music video for “80s Mercedes” made its debut in August This single currently sits at number 17 on Billboard’s “hot country” chart.

Upon hearing this song, I was instantly jamming along. Even from the get-go, this song takes on influences of classic rock with strong hits and guitar licks. You can’t help but bob your head as soon as the song starts. It has a very exciting and fun element to it that catches the listener’s attention both musically and lyrically. It’s not often that a song is dedicated solely to a girls love for her car. Lyrics such as, “She ain’t made for practicality – Yeah, I guess she’s just like me,” show that Morris is truly becoming “one” with her car by personifying it as a “her”.

The chorus is full of explosive, soaring melodies and an extremely catchy hook - “I’m a 90s baby, in my 80s Mercedes”. What makes this part of the song so cool is the unexpected, yet unique musical elements that were chosen. The chord progression chosen for the hook of the song was used very frequently back in 80’s and 90’s music, which truly gives you the 90’s “feel” that the lyrics are trying to express.

Whether it be a summer jam, a way to pass time on a long road trip, or simply a daily pick – me – up, “80s Mercedes” is perfect for any occasion. Do yourself a favor – Hop in your car, blast this song, and get ready to feel on top of the world. and try to NOT sing along - hint: it’s impossible not to.

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