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Collin Mills - "Long Time Coming" - Single Review

Collin Mills's newest single , "Long Time Coming" has officially been released to ALL country radio. Take it from us, this guy is going places.

Collin Mills got his start at a very early age. His bio reads,

"Born in a small town in Oklahoma, famous for having the 'World's Largest Peanut', Collin's story has all the makings of a country song. His musical journey began at age 10, when his parents bought him an electric guitar. After years of practice...(and driving the entire family crazy); his playing finally started to resemble something close to actual music. After playing in several rock bands during his school years, he discovered Musical Theatre in College; where he performed roles in shows such as Les Miserables, Chicago, Two Gentleman of Verona, and Aladdin, among many others. The element of storytelling greatly appealed to him, and he quickly developed a passion for performance. It was during this period that he began writing music with his father, and his career in Country music was born." (

Did y'all see that? He was famous for having the "World's Largest Peanut"! (HAHA!)

Okay, so now to review the song. This song is mid-tempo, chill, and has many rock influences. This can be heard by the driving guitar licks and steady rhythm. The premise of “Long Time Coming” is explaining the journey of the singer’s love throughout life. He speaks to his lady, saying:

“I won’t stop, baby, I won’t give up cause I know//

It’s been a long time coming/ Through the wind, through the rainy days

It’s been a long time coming / Just to say it ain’t okay / you never have to be alone / It’s been a long time coming.”

From the way it sounds, he has loved this girl for quite awhile.

“I love those old memories, and they keep me driving on /

I won’t stop baby ’til I’m back in your arms”

The melody is very catchy, and easy to listen to.

We love this song, and can imagine ourselves cruising down the road on a hot summer day with the windows down , CRANKIN’ IT UP. Don’t take it from us, listen for yourself!

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