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Thomas Rhett - "Life Changes" - Album Review

Thomas Rhett is no stranger to life changes. The country singer has experienced an extreme amount of them within the last 3 months. His wife, Lauren, and him adopted Willa Gray from Uganda, and shortly after became pregnant with their current newborn, Ada James. Thomas Rhett showcases all of the ups and downs of his recent life experiences in the brand new album, Life Changes.

The sound of his third studio album is very versatile - blending genres from rock to R&B to country to pop to even EDM. Needless to say, this album has something for everyone, no matter what genre they prefer. Thomas co-produced the album with help from Dann Huff, Jesse Frasure, Julian Bunetta and Joe London.

Kicking off the album is Thomas Rhett’s most recent number one, a duet with Maren Morris “Craving You”, written by Dave Barnes and Julian Bunetta. With a pop production, slight 80’s groove, and Morris’s wonderful harmonies, there is no question why this song went #1.

One of our favorites is his recently released radio single, “Unforgettable”. This upbeat and fun song tells the story of him and his wife in the beginning stages of their relationship, and how he will never forget the vivid details of those days in his memory. He paints a beautifully descriptive picture in his lyrics that take us right to that moment.

“That Mangorita you were drinkin’ / and that Coldplay song that you were singin’ / and I bet right now you’re probably thinkin’ / that it’s crazy I remember every detail but I do / from your blue jeans to your shoes / girl that night was just like you / Unforgettable.”

The title track, “Life Changes” has an easy-listening and laid back vibe. It tells a beautiful story of Rhett pursuing his dreams as a songwriter back in college and how he was planning to propose to Lauren. “I bought a ring and she said I do / But everybody else said, ‘Man you’re 22 what you tryin’ to prove? / Hey, why don’t you wait’ / Because I’ve been waiting on her since the second grade,” he sings passionately.

It is also super cool how Rhett incorporates another of his song lyrics into this song. It just shows how real raw and true the song is to his life. “And I wrote a little song about holding her hand / And now everybody wanna die happy, man.”

“Grave” is one of our absolute favorites from the album. This deeply sentimental song will give listeners ALL THE FEELS. With soaring melodies and deep impactful drums, this ballad is not for the faint of heart. Filled with beautiful gospel-inspired background vocals, Rhett sings, “When the good Lord calls me home and this life is through / I may be six feet deep but I’ll still be lovin’ you...I’m gonna take it to the grave with me.”

Rhett certainly showcases his sentimental side in many of these songs, but also shows his fun, light-hearted side. “Gateway Love” is filled with sizzling sultry beats and a latin inspired groove. “Kiss Me Like a Stranger” is a vibey-song with an 80’s ballad groove. “Sweetheart” is built on a barbershop-quartet style waltz rhythm and is sure to take the hearts of ladies of all ages.

“Leave Right Now” is probably the most different sound you’ve ever heart Rhett put out. The song is very EDM-Inspired, almost taking on a Sam Hunt - essence.

Among the many other themes of his album, Thomas also showcases his nostalgic side in the song “Sixteen”. Rhett finds himself wishing he was just a little older in every verse. “What I wouldn’t give to be sixteen wild and free…” eventually leads to “What I wouldn’t give to be 21, wild and free” and ultimately ends with a scene of him and his wife sipping wine and reminiscing on those times, laughing at themselves.

Life Changes is unlike anything we have heard from Thomas Rhett before, and he certainly had an all-encompassing approach in mind while writing and producing it. Needless to say, it is definitely worth a listen. Check it out and remember to CRANK IT UP!

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