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Willie Shares His Reserve With the East

Willie Nelson is 85 years young and quite healthy. If you asked him, he would probably at least partially credit that to his years of unapologetic use of marijuana. Willie has been a huge proponent of cannabis products and their benefits for decades, recreational and medical uses alike. He is so passionate about the benefits of the plant that he founded a line of premium cannabis products called Willie’s Reserve, which partners with many hemp farmers and takes great care to make sure the products that end up in stores are top notch.

Until recently, Willie’s Reserve was only represented in states where marijuana is legal for recreational use, specifically California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington; but as of October 6th, the state of Maryland has the privilege of sharing the outlaw country legend’s premium stash. This is a big step for Willie’s Reserve because it marks, not only the eastern U.S. debut of the product line, but it’s first appearance in a medical-only cannabis market. Willie’s Reserve is pushing CBD/THC Ratio products in particular in the state, which is reported by some to be specifically good for therapeutic uses, making it a well suited option for the medical-only Maryland market. The brand has partnered with Culta, a farming community in Cambridge, Maryland, to grow their products in Maryland. “It’s an honor. Willie’s reputation for standing for the plant, farming communities like Cambridge and for veterans are commitments we share.” said president Mackie Barch about getting to partner with Willie Nelson and Willie’s Reserve.

This eastern expansion of Willie Nelson’s premium cannabis products is no doubt the start of what will eventually be a much broader one as the laws regarding marijuana use and sale are amended across the country. No matter how you feel about the proclaimed gateway drug, if it is going to sweep the country, it might as well be the great Willie Nelson’s stash that we all share.

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