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Take A Romantic Drive Out Of Town with Kylie Trout’s New Single, “You & I”

Kylie Trout has released a state-of-the-art country pop anthem that will have you dancing the night away. Trout is engaging with her influences, Carrie Underwood, and Devin Dawson to blend old and new together. Belles & Gals calls Trout “a mesmerizing talent with a beautiful grace and genuine nature, she is sure to become a global star in the not too distant future.” Kylie Trout’s sweet and catchy new single, “You & I” is the launching pad to her blossoming, vibrant career.

Channeling the likes of Kelsey Ballerini and Thomas Rhett, Kylie Trout uses wailing vocals and a charming melody that reminds one of a soft summer breeze. Like all of us, Trout longs to escape the burdens of life in the city where hustle and bustle reigns over everyone.

"When city life gets to be too much, sometimes a spontaneous trip out of town with the one you love is all you need." What makes this single unique is that Kylie does not want anyone else to know about her spontaneous adventure out of town but her and her loved one.

Unrivaled by the track’s divine beauty and romantic message we are all singing along to Kylie Trout’s anthemic “You & I”.

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