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Andy Ross's "Cold Dead Hand"

Patriot and country-rocker, Andy Ross, has released the Official Lyric Video for his patriotic anthem "Cold Dead Hand." In the track, the American Rebel CEO sings about rights, specifically our 2nd Amendment rights.

"I'll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hand."

Throughout the lyric video Ross is pictured to the left with his '2nd Amendment' guitar in hand. The American Rebel logo is also featured in the video in tribute to the gun safe brand encouraging responsible gun ownership. The supporter sings "when it comes to my Constitution, I'm a true believer," always staying true to his red, white and blue roots.

The country-rocker wears many hats and his patriotism fuels his work. From American Rebel CEO, to singer-songwriter, to bow hunter, Ross is always practicing being the true patriot that he is. Cold Dead Hand is Ross's 2nd Amendment anthem written with passion and a love for the United States of America.



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