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Andy Ross Wishes a Merry Christmas to All

The Christmas Cheer. Quite contagious, but could use some more spreading. After all the symptoms are quite warm and fuzzy.

On his Christmas single, “Make Christmas Great Again” Andy Ross sings about the importance of keeping such cheer and blessings alive, and spreading such good to all, regardless of belief. Why take such a time of togetherness and separate? No matter the wording, the message is positive, and thoughtfulness is being given.

Running through his family’s Christmas traditions, touching on the outlandish reasonings for censoring such cheerful blessings. Regardless of what you may celebrate, everyone is allowed to receive the blessings of Christmas. With such fond memories, it’s hard to not want to include everyone in such a time.

Andy Ross has always presented his most honest-self in his music. Although being active in all the other aspects of his multi-faceted life, it is through music that he is truly able to connect and reach his audiences and we look forward to seeing him doing so with each new drop. With his relatable lyrics and infectious rebel-riff filled sound, listeners everywhere are sure to be found “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

You can listen to his Christmas wishes for all at the following link: and keep up with all-sides of Andy Ross at his website: and any of his socials below.

Instagram: @andyrossrebel Facebook:


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