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CHRIS GORSUCH Releases 'Conditioned' Single & Video

After the release of single My Own Personal Hell, Melbourne-based hard rock soloist Chris Gorsuch is releasing the heavy follow up single Conditioned

Conditioned tells a story of a child raised by a sadistic and cruel father figure. The child who was once a scared and submissive boy is robbed of his innocence at a young age and grows up to become a malevolent and evil tyrant, following in the footsteps of the man who raised him. With low, fast-paced and intense vocal delivery during the verses and a powerful and melodic chorus, Conditioned takes you on a journey into the psyche of a man raised in a world of violence and depravity. 

‘It aims to form an emotional connection which resonates with its audience through an intense tale depicting a world of chaos, confusion and devastation.’ - Chris Gorsuch 

Chris’ high energy output is all in support of his upcoming album The Final Song. The writing period for the album began as an outlet to document the emotional journey of a man suffering through depression and other life changing events. The Final Song and his second single from the album, Conditioned, was recorded at EOL Studios and produced by Mike Trubetskov. The song was then mastered at Panorama Mixing & Mastering by Nicholas Di Lorenzo

Chris Gorsuch draws heavy inspiration from real world experiences with the aim of expressing genuine feelings of pain, grief and loss. After years of experience in his professional cover band where he performed at pubs, clubs, birthdays, private parties, weddings and large corporate functions, Chris began his journey as a solo artist writing his own material. 

Conditioned takes the high energy of 80’s metal and a modern psychological context to heighten the drama and the pathos in the lead up to The Final Song


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