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Dead Hendrix and Levi Zadoff present: "Dead Summer."

Dead Hendrix and Levi Zadoff have a unique way of combining music that brilliantly blurs the lines between a huge range of styles, making the band's sound so interesting and personal. In particular, they have an incredible ability to merge punk's intensity with rap's massive impact. While so many artist collaborators seem confined to their comfort zone, Dead Hendrix and Levi Zadoff are taking their artistry to another level, as the two are always eager to climb higher and explore different directions. As a result, their release "Dead Summer" has so many cool ideas and unique sounds while keeping their roots at the core of their vision.

"Dead Summer" represents all the creativity and energy that make Dead Hendrix and Levi Zadoff stand out. There is a tightness to this music that's only really possible to experience in an artist that connects deeply, not only musically but also personally. This is the case here, as Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix have developed great chemistry. This new studio effort is well-performed and produced to the highest standards, serving as a milestone for these two.

Find out more about Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix and connect with the pair of collaborators on your favorite streaming platforms.

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