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H.E.R. Debuts New Song on Saturday Night Live With Adele as Host

     This past weekend's episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live hosted by Adele, H.E.R. performed two new songs - one she released this past week, "Damage," but she also debuted a brand new single called "Hold On," making it two new songs released in one week for the artist. The performances were subtle yet incredible, and Adele even delivered news about her new album. 

     H.E.R.'s first performance of the night was "Damage," and she gave a simple performance with just her and her band. Dressed in all black as she sang her mellow tune, she stood front and center under yellow spotlights. For her performance of "Hold On," she switched things up a bit - performing under a deep purple light, she played an electric guitar while she sang. Overall, it was a relaxed performance until the instrumental where she shredded a solo on the guitar in her typical style. She definitely didn't disappoint - fans were excited to hear more of her work. In addition to an incredible performance, she used her platform to draw attention to the issues surrounding police brutality in Nigeria - her backup performers all wore black shirts with the #EndSARS across the front. 

     The performance is H.E.R.'s musical debut on the long-running NBC show. Adele as the host made some announcements about her upcoming album - in response to questions around why she was only hosting rather than performing, she said: "My album's not finished. I'm also too scared to do both." She did perform in skits and sang a bit in those as part of the sketches, but overall her first time hosting was simply her hosting. Between Adele's monologue and H.E.R.'s stunning performances, this weekend's Saturday Night Live was one to remember. 


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