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Jeremy Parsons Delivers The Full Package "Things To Come"

With the ever-increasing number of plays on his Spotify playlist, and a rapidly growing YouTube channel,

it would not take long for the world to notice Jeremy Parson’s latest release; "Things To Come." Featuring

five released singles, each garnering massive industry attention, "Things to Come" is a complete package LP,

rich with superlative songwriting and lyricism. Texas native Jeremy Parsons delivers his blend of Country

/ Americana on this ten-track offering featuring singles; "Things To Come," "Tragedy,"" Lillian," "Something Other

Than you Are," and "Good Ole Days." Diving in, title-track "Things To Come," is rich with nostalgia, of all the

good times left behind. A reflection piece of mistakes made, victories won, and the archetype of going

back in time to live it all again, however as Jeremy reflects; “Time is a healer, life must go on, so here’s to

all of the things to come.” This infectious optimism grabs the listener and leaves them satisfied and

content, and this is only the opening track.

Following up "Things To Come" is arguably Jeremy Parson’s best piece of music to date; "Tragedy." This

passionate performance channels all Jeremey’s musical passions as he finds his upper keys to deliver a

powerful vocal presentation. "Tragedy" is a narrative rich with metaphor requiring many listens to fully

appreciated this well-written piece. Although every track on "Things To Come" is not in the scope of this

review, the LP is thoroughly produced, the guitar is crisp and clean with little interference to the vocals,

the instrumentation is properly executed to accompany this singer/songwriter, making for a considerably

enjoyable album. "Things To Come" will fit in perfectly in any Country/Adult Contemporary radio playlist

with its Pop melodies and hooks, coupled with its dynamic lyricism and acoustic guitar technique.

--Lee Callaghan


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