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John Michael Ferrari Tells His Story Through Song

Amidst a face-paced music industry filled with heavy collaboration, fabricated stories and harsh deadlines, multitalented singer songwriter John Michael Ferrari sticks to his roots and lets his own emotions do the talking as they come.  

Known for his ability to eloquently tell stories through his emotionally-driven songs, Ferrari has been practicing this art form since he was about 15 years old. He still remembers all of his original songs, along with the anecdotes that accompany them. His most recent album Be The Smile on Your Face, released in June of 2020, is a compilation of 12 songs derived from experiences that Ferrari has been a part of, either directly or indirectly. The first single from the album, “So Beautiful”, can easily be attributed to a romantic love story, but the tune’s beginnings were actually inspired by a more innocent kind of love.

“Years ago, we were very fortunate to have a young little eight year old girl come into our lives, and she just brightened up the day every time she came over to the house with her mother, so I wrote a story about her,” Ferrari explained to Crank It Music Magazine. “We were very privileged to have her in our lives until she grew up, went to college, and got married.”

Ferrari’s album Be the Smile on Your Face is hard to miss, as you’ll immediately be greeted by the friendly face of a goat on the cover art. While considering the creative visual aspects of the album, Ferrari and his producer Pepper Jay stumbled upon a photo of sweet Ozzy, a furry resident of their southern Nevada ranch, and when the picture put a smile on his face, Ferrari knew that was the one.

“I thought, maybe it’ll put a smile on other people’s faces too, so what better picture to use for this album cover?”

To learn more about John Michael Ferrari, visit his website at and stream Be the Smile on Your Face at


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