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Lana Del Rey Joins Matt Maeson to Revitalize "Hallucinogenics"

Matt Maeson recruited Lana Del Rey to bring a new feeling to his debut hit, "Hallucinogenics."  Del Rey's airy vocals are the perfect addition to the acoustic-based song, and she helps to breathe new life & feeling to the song. 

     She opens the song solo over an acoustic guitar, a folk-y intro. The dup tag-teams different lines throughout the verses, and join in unison for the chorus - Del Rey's voice echoes faintly behind Maeson's. For the second prechorus hook, "'Cause I just couldn't open up, I'm always shiftin'," they break into a simple harmony briefly before coming back together. They continue tag-teaming in the verses, and on the bridge Del Rey almost whispers to let Maeson take the spotlight before rejoining in full force for the chorus to end. The track itself is relatively the same as the original, and while Del Rey's vocals are simple, she brings a new energy and vibe to Maeson's story about losing touch with reality. 

     The original song is featured on Maeson's debut album Bank on the Funeral, and the remake follows the release of his single "We Were The Same" earlier this month. This is Del Rey's first project since the release of her previous album Norman F****** Rockwell, and she's currently working on her upcoming album, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, originally set for release in early September but delayed to an unknown date. For now, you can stream "Hallucinogenics" featuring her everywhere now. 


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