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Larry Jay Is As Good As It Gets On "Killer Song"

Country singer-songwriter Larry Jay has been delivering a barrage of hits since this past

December, rolling out iTunes chart successes in regular fashion. From his collaboration with

"The Voice" contestant Caeland Garner on "Wow" to his "End the Pandemic-Anthem," "Worldwide Party Day,"

with each single release comes another level of critical praise and fandom.

Describing his music as "five chords and the truth," Larry Jay couldn’t have

picked a better five words for his latest release, "Killer Song." A classic Southern swing

to his voice, he begins the record over a simple guitar melody and a message of

positive energy through song. While there may be a lot of upheaval in the world at the

moment, Jay knows better than anyone that if we focus our energy into a universal

language like music we can overcome the strife and find common ground to bond over.

This three-minute acoustic jam radiates with this hopeful power, and it certainly helps

that Jay’s vocal performance is as good as it’s ever been on record. "Killer Song" does

indeed fit it’s namesake, and we’re hoping to hear more amazing music from Larry Jay

in the coming months!

-Colton Devonshire


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