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Music Video Spotlight: Lindsey "Save Me"

“Save Me” is an epic on slaying the demons of your past. The heavy distortion of the guitar and the war-like rhythm of the drums creates an image of triumphant victory on the battlefield of the spiritual realm. The lyrics of the ‘Save Me’ narrative set a tone of repentance. A turning away from the past and moving on. Bruised by the sins and wounds of the past, Lindsey sets out to destroy the demons that haunt her. The recently released “Save Me” music brings the story that Lindsey is telling through the song to Life, by adding visuals of the narrative. Lindsey Decides she is no longer going to live under the haunting of her former demons and the captivity of her past. We see echoes of her character's former self when the video pans to a shot of opened pill bottles on a table. Implying that the character struggled with addiction. Lindsey’s character threatens the demons that haunt the house in the video. Lindsey’s character sets fire to the house, conveying that she has been born again from a trial by fire and has been saved from her former demons. You can feel the spiritual warfare with the elements of the video along with the song itself.

“Save Me” invokes conflicting emotions of guilt, fear, and shame; mixed with courage and triumph. This song depicts true meaning of being reborn and refined by fire, by conquering the past and building up of the new self.

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