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Paige Howell's Post-Heartbreaking Song

Paige Howell turned her breakup in a hit pop song called, "Body." In this single, she is going through a breakup, but makes it clear that some post-breakup rules can be broken. What we can assume is to her ex, Paige Howell sings, 'We broke up, but so what? I want you right now." Paige Howell is proud to say "Body" is her favorite track that she has ever made. She claims that "There's a perfect balance between strength and sexiness, it makes me feel powerful, and I hope it makes everyone else feel the same way."

"Body," will make everyone listening feel empowered and lively. Howell doesn't spend every day in the recording studio, though. When she's not recording music, she is at the gym being a cycle and boxing instructor. Whether you are working out at the gym, cryng over a breakup, or making dinner... stream "Body" by Paige Howell.


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