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Pamela Hopkins- I Love You Most

Adding to her ever-growing and extensive catalog of Country hits, Pamela Hopkins is starting 2023 off with gusto on her latest offering; I Love You Most. A cleverly organized build-up of anticipation and tension while maintaining a casual Pop feel, this track brings warm and soothing feelings to the listener while allowing our songwriter to dive deep into feelings of commitment and adoration for her subject. This deep delve into the main theme is heard in the expressive chorus section: “They say in every story, someone loves just a little bit more. You tell me every day that you love me more than the day before; more kisses, more loving, more than I have known. I love it when you say you love me more, but trust me when I say, I love you most.” With the love song aspect taken care of Pamela Hopkins is thus able to offer a reflective insight into her subject, a self-awareness, if not self-deprecating at times, to contrast her emotions with that of her love interest. This is critical as her metaphorical approach allows the listener to become empathetic with both parties and yearn for this wonderful and majestic romance that is unfolding before us. “They say that love is blind, and I have to disagree. You know my imperfections, and still see the best in me.”

I Love You Most is another clear hit for this incredibly talented artist, as every aspect of making a Pop-Country masterpiece has been achieved. The production of this single is highly professional and very well-executed. Pamela Hopkins’ voice is able to fill the listening space with ease as she hits all her overtones to fill out each cadence and offer a complementary resolve to each stanza of tension she builds throughout. What strikes the listener is the thoughtful and eloquent way she uses call and response with a lead guitar to help shape each phrase as she builds to her end-game resolve of I Love You Most. This should not detract from the rest of the instrumentation deployed throughout the track as the rhythm section is incredibly tight and in the pocket. The main groove is constant and offers a slight funk in which to dance-along to. A wonderful song, which begs to be replayed over and over again, I Love You Most is yet another demonstration of Pamela Hopkins' ascent to the upper echelon of the Country genre.

Reviewed by: Lee Callaghan

Evolution Music Press

February 12, 2023


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