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Pamela Hopkins' Latest Single "One More Last Kiss"

Celebrating the success of her latest single "Back When," Pamela Hopkins is back with another Country gem, "One More Last Kiss". Leaving the satire, and the wit aside, "One More Last Kiss" is a beautiful love song featuring a duet performance with Jason Lee Campbell. This track is presented in the style of the traditional Country greats with a fiddle to call and respond with the lyrics and the light percussion, to allow for the vocals to take the forefront and deliver their theme of love, passion. “I can’t tell myself it’s over, we can’t call it quits, we both lean on one another, moments just like this.” This sentimental and affectionate track really pulls at the heartstrings of its audience as these two wonderful vocalists compliment each other so very well. The contrasting male tenor coupled with the female mezzosoprano allows the musical phrasing to play out behind them creating a wide dynamic worthy of making this a Country hit. Equally impressive, which listeners should pay attention to, is the dynamic melody of the guitar, and the strong bends which offer color and character to a standard chord progression. This is complemented by the bass groove which maintains the bottom end of "One More Last Kiss".

The production of "One More Last Kiss" is well-executed with the two vocalists always maintaining the forefront of the mix, yet blended with the musical accompaniment, especially during the strong chorus. The chorus and harmonies are keys to making this track a commercial success on Country Radio. This infectious track is worthy of many listens, as with each listen the audience can pick up on more subtle nuances in the performance. As a fan of Pamela Hopkins already, I am still shocked by the range her vocals can hit, and the slight vibrato she offers with each carried note. "One More Last Kiss" is slated for my favorite Country playlists, as it will be released on December 10th of 2021. Followers can pre-save this track on Pamela’s website to get it as soon as it is released, which in this reviewer's humble opinion, is a must.

--Lee Callaghan


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