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Pamela Hopkins "One Too Many"

Reviewed by: Lee Callaghan

Following her blockbuster duet with Jason Lee Campbell on One More Last Kiss, Pamela Hopkins returns with a gut-wrenching introspective performance with One Too Many. This dynamically charged Country gem channels the true essence of the Country genre as Pamela Hopkins borrows from themes of regret, sorrow, and loss to deliver her theme of dealing with inner ghosts. This mid-tempo swing allows for dancing and drinking as Pamela serenades her audience with the imagery of drowning her sorrows while maintaining a constant upbeat delivery of metaphor and narrative of her having One Too Many. “Lovers in love don’t want to hurt no more, take my pain and wash it down, I forget about you with every ounce, I don’t want to wake up with one more memory, tonight I’m going to have One Too Many.” This effective songwriting structure reinforces our expectations of the performances we have come to expect from this sometimes quite cynical, yet delicately emotional Pamela Hopkins. A pleasant surprise awaits listeners as the song reaches its bridge portion, the guitar solo, which is usually not something to catch the reviewer’s attention when the vocals are so upfront and ever-present. This guitar part is perfectly blended into the main melody, harmonizing the melody with its own voice which maintains a perfect key relationship with our vocalist. This almost adds a blues call and response style, a subconscious response to the song's theme which brings this track into a complete package.

As Pamela Hopkins's catalog continues to grow, one would expect subsequent singles to maybe not be as good as the last, however, One Too Many is just that. A unique offering that showcases Pamela’s incredible vocal range and songwriting abilities. As one more hit is added to her portfolio, it is certain this Little Rock Country troubadour is bound for greatness within this genre. One Too Many is a mature and professional mix that has superlative separation of all the frequencies allowing the vocal overtones to ring out crisp and clear while maintaining a definitive funk in the lower end. The subtle instrumentation of the guitars and fiddle add color and brightness to the track without interfering with the main vocals. One Too Many would be a perfect addition to any Country, Middle-of-the-Road, or Adult Contemporary commercial radio format, and as a follow-up to, in my opinion, the best country song of the decade, One More Last Kiss, audiences will appreciate the powerful performance One Too Many delivers.



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