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Presley Tennant's Thoughtful Father's Day Gift

Heroes don’t always wear capes, sometimes they have a dad-bod and a closet full of plaid shirts that look the same. Sometimes the most admirable heroes are the ones that are present every day, whether times are good or bad. Sometimes they are the ones that changed our diapers when we were kids and came to every recital, concert, or race we were in.

As father’s day approaches, it’s time to reflect on the role of our father’s and how it has played in each of our lives. Presley Tennant gave her father one of the most creative gifts you could give. While others hand their fathers bags fluffed with tissue paper, Presley picked up a guitar and gave her father a song. The song, titled “Half That Strong”, is a beautiful tribute of thanks to her dad, who always inspired her with the strength he displayed.

“I wish I could thank you but I just can’t find the words to say” - Presley Tennant "Half That Strong"

It seems like she found the perfect words to say. Her lyrics state, “You’re the footsteps that I walk in so I know I’ll get to where I wanna be”. The song has a country swang to it, utilizing the southern sound of her voice and twisting it with heartfelt lyrics. As we listen to the song, we want to thank her dad too for supporting and encouraging her dreams, because without it we might not have her voice blaring through our speakers.

Listen to Presley's newest release, "Gamble On You" here:

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