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Sam Smith Drips In "Diamonds" In New Music Video

Oscar award winning artist dances solo in their music video for their latest single Diamonds. The single features a fast tempo electro-pop track with a strong beat. In the video, directed by Luke Monaghan, Smith is seen casually dressed in jeans and a grey t-shirt dancing around to a choreographed dance in a bare, empty house before eventually stepping into a rainstorm continuing to sing and their choreographed dance outside. 

The electric song is a step away from the typical signature ballad fans are use to hearing from them and a step towards a dance-floor anthem. It’s catchy with their signature voice that perfectly conveys Smith’s vulnerable emotions. In their latest video you can feel the energy of them letting go of a materialistic lover inhibiting their growth. Smith’s simplistic bare video background carries straight into the song with the lyrics “ Take all the money you want from me... show me how little you care.” 

With the release of Diamonds, Smith also announced the new title for their long-awaited third album, Love Goes, set to release on Oct. 30th. The album was originally set for release earlier May 2020 and titled To Die For, however the release was delayed twice and renamed as a result of evolving to the COVID-19 pandemic. They choose to postpone the album release to continue working on it and make important changes. Diamonds is Sam Smith’s second single to come from the upcoming project.


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