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Single Review: Lady Redneck - 4th of July

Lady Redneck sings a song of pure patriotism on “4th of July”. The arrangement works alongside her voice in a perfect way. Plenty of heart and soul is poured into the entirety of the piece. Guitar work rolls on through with the right degree of confidence. Everything here matters for there is a compassion to be felt within every single gesture. Flourishes have an importance for they radiate on throughout. All the band works together and the interplay amongst them is truly spirted.

Nor do they waste a moment. Immediately the mood is set. From the small beginnings the song’s rhythm takes shape. Kept relatively simple and direct, the song speaks to the listener in a way that keeps things personal. She makes sure that the level of detail brought into the fray has a vibrancy to it. Word choice is of the essence for this is a day of the year to be highly celebrated and respected. All of it swirls about in an outright delirious way. Full of such care she balances the elements together, all of them working in service of her tremendous voice. Over the course of the work a nimbleness exists, for it keeps that brightness that summer provides in abundance quite well. For the finale there is a reflective stance as it all fades on out.

“4th of July” proves to be one of those perfect summer songs, as Lady Redneck’s verses have a beauty, a true sense of love to them.



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