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“Still A Child” Will Leave You Adoring Kel Adore

Imagine if we could go back in time and be a kid again. Take away all the distraction, trauma and confusion and just simply live life how children do. That’s exactly what Kel Adore envisioned when writing “Still A Child.”

“This song explores how no matter what we go through, we are all just a bunch of kids at heart,” explained the singer/songwriter. With lyrics that explore insecurities and the feelings of not being enough, Kel Adore brightens the mood with a catchy chorus and a pop beat that will let out your playful side.

Adore’s writing is vulnerable and real, and she hopes that her newest single can be relevant to any stage of life. No matter what goes wrong or falls apart, “Still A Child” shares the story of what it looks like to attempt to grow up and face the world even when you still feel like a kid.

Kel Adore, in the creation of her single, didn’t limit her creativity to just the singer/songwriter title. Adore played a big part in shooting the cover art. “We shot the cover art, with a film camera which was perfect for the vibe of this song,” explains Adore. With her background in modeling, Kel Adore has an eye for visual storytelling that not all artists are lucky enough to have. Adore shares, “I love that marriage between visual and auditory story telling.”

Kel Adore is a fearless pop artist who is working effortlessly to make a name for herself in the music industry. Be sure to check out “Still A Child” on all streaming platforms now and follow @keladoremusic on social media!


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