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Tate McRae's "Exes": A Bittersweet Ode to Relationships Past

Tate McRae's "Exes" serves as a candid exploration of the complexities within the realm of past relationships. With a catchy melody and poignant lyrics, McRae captures the bittersweet essence of love's ephemerality, expressing both remorse and defiance.

The chorus, propelled by McRae's emotive delivery, extends "kisses to my exes who don't give a shit about me." This bold declaration sets the tone for an unapologetic reflection on the transient nature of romantic connections. The artist skillfully encapsulates the paradox of moving on while retaining sentimental tokens, symbolized by keeping their number and necklace.

The verses unravel the emotional tug-of-war within McRae, where the recurrent cycle of making up and breaking up becomes a testament to the complexities of modern relationships. The lyrics paint a picture of a conflicted soul, torn between the desire for connection and an inherent inclination to distance. The analogy of changing one's mind like origami suggests a fluidity and adaptability that characterizes the emotional landscape of the song.

The post-chorus, with its apologetic tone, introduces an element of vulnerability. McRae acknowledges the impact of her decisions on those who love her, even as she continues to navigate the unpredictable journey of love and self-discovery. The juxtaposition of apologies and origami-like changes mirrors the intricate folds of human relationships.

In the second verse, McRae grapples with indecision and self-awareness, confessing to a perpetual state of not knowing what she wants. The narrative unfolds as a series of conflicting promises and emotions, highlighting the internal struggle inherent in the pursuit of genuine connection.

"Exes" stands out not only for its infectious melody but also for its unfiltered portrayal of the intricate dance between heartache and liberation. As Tate McRae's star continues to rise, her ability to capture the essence of modern relationships with raw authenticity cements her as a voice for a generation navigating the complexities of love and loss.

Watch the official video here!


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