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Video Premiere: JD Reynolds With Take "A Little Piece of Your Heart"

With her new #1 hit on Australian Country Radio, JD Reynolds is taking a piece of everybody’s heart. And with more good news, Reynolds’ song, “A Little Piece Of Your Heart”, now has a music video out!

Viewers can follow the love story of Reynolds and her partner as they create the life they have always dreamed of. The song describes a young romance between two people that turns into lifelong soulmates. “We might of been young, but we knew what was love” she sings in the pre-chorus.

JD Reynolds is not new to the music scene either. Her single “8 Seconds” was also a #1 hit on Australian Country Radio. Some of her other popular songs include “Whatever”, “Rebound”, and “This Year”.

Follow along with JD Reynolds on all her social media accounts and make sure to listen to “A Little Piece Of Your Heart” and watch the video.



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