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Watch Billie Eilish's Captivating Music Video for "Therefore I Am"

Billie Eilish dropped her newest single "Therefore I Am," and along with it a self-directed music video, and it's chaotic and random in all of the best ways. 

In the visual Eilish frolics through an empty mall, dancing along with her lyrics as she sings. In her typical fashion, she flaunts her signature baggy clothes that appear to be graffiti'd with her currently green hair and long fingernails. She playfully swipes food from various shops around the mall - a pretzel shop, donut kiosk, and fast food chain Chipotle. Eventually she's yelled at by mall security, and runs out while shoving the remainder of her shoplifted fries into her mouth. 

Shot on an iPhone, the video perfectly matches the intoxicating vibes the song brings. The crew filming was "very small" according to Eilish, and she stated that the video is just the way the song feels to her - it certainly captures her essence. It's Eilish's first video since the release of the upcoming James Bond theme song's visual released last month. You can watch the "Therefore I Am" video here: 


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