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REVIEW: Brandon Rhyder creates country anthem with “That’s Just Me”

By: Matt Burrill In the title track off his latest album “That’s Just Me,” Brandon Rhyder taps into the heart and mindset of every country boy and girl.

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Hailing from the Austin, Rhyder is a country boy and proud Texan through and through.

With the release of eight full-length albums over the past 12 years, Rhyder has established himself in the Texas Country/Red Dirt scene, with an impressive four No. 1 singles.

“I could escape in music. I love words. I love being my own guy,” says Rhyder. “It’s not something that I sought to achieve, but I just see words and chords and songs differently than many.”

Not only is “That’s Just Me” a solid country track, but it is also complemented with an incredible video in every aspect. It captures what it means to be from the country and the lifestyle that comes with it. With cowboys, cowgirls, outdoorsmen and even a country radio host singing along to the chorus, “That’s Just Me” acts as an anthem for small town America.

The album, “That’s Just Me,” is a twelve-track compilation straight from Rhyder’s heart and soul.

“The overall feeling about life resonates on this collection,” says Rhyder. “I hope people will see that I, along with my family on and off the road are focused, driven and thrilled to share our passion.”

“That’s Just Me” is available for purchase on iTunes.

For more information and the latest updates on Brandon Rhyder be sure to check out his Facebook, Twitter and

Photo Credit: Brandon Rhyder Facebook

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