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Pop-Country Singer/Songwriter Flo Releases Latest Single, "In My Mind"

Pop-Country singer/ songwriter Flo Olavarria sounds off the Spring season with the release of her latest single, In My Mind,” building anticipation for a train of songs to be released in the coming months. This single details the crossing of two relationships: the one that strikes the imagination as desirable and the one that is crumbling in real-time. “In My Mind” illuminates the idea that it is easier to ignore a partner's flaws when you desperately cling to impossible expectations. Flowers only grow when they are watered and love only blooms when both partners work at it. Flo’s clever lyrics project that if we focus our energy on falsifying reality and lying to ourselves; all that is good will exist solely in our minds. The “In My Mind” lyric video exclusively premiered today on

"This is the very first song I wrote during one of my first trips to Nashville. It’s a song that for me marks the start of my musical journey in Nashville. And because of that, it will forever have a very special place in my heart. It’s a song that started from overthinking and eventually turned into a song that touches on the consequences of spending too much time in your head. It talks about how easy it is to fantasize, and how it can unknowingly lead you to have unrealistic expectations when it comes to relationships. It’s one of my favorite songs, and I can’t wait for people to hear it!” shares Flo.

The bold truth uncovered in “In My Mind” not only exists to understand those who overthink situations, but serves as a relatable ballad for all who experience similarities in their own relationships. Written with integrity, “In My Mind” is the second single to be released of a series of songs to come. Flo continues to spread positivity and compassion, remain active with fans on social media during various phases of social distancing, and keep all looking forward to new music when it is needed most. Fans will not want to miss what this Chilean flame has in store for the coming months!


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