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PREMIERE: GRW Delivers Heat with "Tennessee Is Cold"

With rip-roaring steel-guitar swagger rooted in traditional country twang, GRW delivers a bona fide swing dance smash with his latest, “Tennessee Is Cold.” The song releases tomorrow, but we here at CRANK IT are premiering it to you exclusively before the official drop date.

“Tennessee Is Cold” offers all the typical twang of a classic 90’s country song. GRW finds new ways to grind his influences into uncharted territory as he further explores his musical roots. “I’ve always let the music take me where it wants to,” GRW revealed, “I’ve never felt confined to the constraints of a certain genre. I don’t think music or art should live by a set of rules, so I don’t either. Giving himself room to evolve, GRW doesn’t stick to the norms of painting oneself into any singular genre. Instead, he extends his already impressive catalog with a twang-infused melody with hints of Americana elements that’s sure to get everyone on the dance floor.

Blending traditional sound with unique lyrics, GRW blurs the line between genres and effortlessly combines his musical influences. “I thought we moved down South / where it never ever snows / the sun is always shining bright / and the palm trees like to grow / but Tennessee Is Cold,” he croons, bringing personal experience to the forefront of his writing style. GRW continues to change his approach, blurring the lines of what it means to be a musician, while weaving personal stories and encounters into the very fabric of his songs. He’s discovered what works, and there’s no stopping him from further developing his sound into his own magic.


“Tennessee Is Cold” will be available on all platforms tomorrow! Follow GRW’s journey at and connect with him on Instagram @grw_music!


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